Welcome to my website
the quote above is from one of the lovely people who came to my last exhibition. a great success looking forward to another one soon.

The pictures below are linked to my albums so click and have a look.

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Black & White
monochrome does not do it justice

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Mother Nature
don’t you just love her

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from a canal to the sea we have a lot of them

near or far it’s all good to look at

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Once Loved
discarded, forgotten and left behind

Being an Island race, boats have always played a big part in our lives.
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Faeries, Flora & Fauna
the woods are full of magic and mystery
we do not see all that is there
not sure where these pics should go so I put em here
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Portrait Mode
Not as we see things
If the world is just a stage, and all the people players, this is my scrap book.